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 Mosquito Imposters

There are many types of insects resembling mosquitoes that may be an annoyance around your home. However, unlike mosquitos, many of these insects do not bite humans and are not considered a concern to public health. Here are a few you might see:

Crane Flies 

Crane flies are often referred to as “mosquito eaters” or “mosquito hawks.” Despite their common names, these flies do not actually prey on mosquitoes. In fact, they do not have biting mouth parts at all. Adults feed on nectar during the spring and early summer months. They can be distinguished from mosquitoes primarily by their large size. Adults can reach up to two inches in length. This is much larger than any mosquito species. 


Midges, occasionally referred to as "no-see-ums,"  closely resemble mosquitos in both size and color. They are often seen in swarms near aquatic habitats. They can be a major nuisance, but are not of a public health concern. Adults can be distinguished by their small size, light green to brown color, swarming habits, and prominent bushy antennas.


Gnats are small, slender and dark flying insects that are often seen inside the home near organic matter. Adult gnats feed on decaying plant matter, fungi, or algae. Some species require a blood meal to lay their eggs but it is uncommon for gnats to feed on humans. To best protect your home from gnats, it is recommend that you remove spoiled plant matter, avoid overwatering of plants, and clean sink drains regularly.