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Neglected Swimming Pool Notice

Mosquitoes only need a small amount of stagnant water to complete their life cycles. If left unmaintained, a single swimming pool can produce up to 3 million adult mosquitoes in one month. With many neglected swimming pools in the district, this is a huge public health challenge for all residents.

May contain: tub, hot tub, pool, water, swimming pool, and person
An example of an unmaintained pool producing thousands of mosquito larva

Only two pool conditions will guarantee that mosquitoes do not grow: "clean and functional" or “empty and dry." All other conditions will require corrective action by the resident/owner.

The District appreciates those who give information and locations of swimming pools that have gone unmaintained. If you or someone you know has an unmaintained pool that needs service, please fill out our service request form. Once the information is received, a mosquito control technician will visit the property, confirm the report, and initiate the appropriate treatment.

If you have any further questions or concerns about how pools are treated, please visit our FAQs page or use our contact page to contact the office staff directly.