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Mosquitofish Request

Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) were initially introduced to California in 1922 as a means of mosquito control. Today, their usage has extended worldwide for the effective management of mosquitos. These small fish prey on mosquito larva before they get the chance to turn into adult mosquitos. Mosquitofish offer an appealing and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticide application for mosquito control. This approach is commonly known as biological control and forms an integral component of the Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategy used by most mosquito controls districts.

May contain: aquatic, water, animal, and sea life

Mosquitofish Benefits:

  • A single fish can consume up to 300 mosquito larva per day
  • Their small size and upturned mouths allow them to reach mosquito larva in difficult habitats
  • They are easy to maintain because of their broad tolerance to a wide range of environmental conditions
  •  Female fish can deliver 40-100 live young every month to keep the mosquitofish population alive and growing

Mosquitofish can be requested for small ponds, water troughs, or neglected swimming pools. If you would like to request mosquito fish for your home, please fill out the service request form.